Pay careful attention to the information listed below. The answers to our Frequently Asked Questions will definitely give you a better understanding of what to expect at the Summer Gravity Camps. If you have any questions after looking through the info, please send us an email.


What's your policy on drugs and alcohol?
We enforce a very strict drug and alcohol policy and have no tolerance for any infractions. If any camper is caught with drugs or alcohol their parents are called and they will be sent home immediately.
Is there a curfew
Curfew is 10pm. Lights out 11pm.
Do you have secure storage for bikes?
Yes we have our own secure room that is just for the camp. No other guests from the hotel have access to it.
How do you pick the groups that people ride in?
We pick the groups based on ability level and if you want to ride with your friends. We want to make sure the groups are all at a similar ability level so no one is pushed beyond there comfort zone.
Can we ride after the scheduled hours of camp?
Our day of riding starts at 10am and ends at 5pm. If you want to go hit the dirt jumps after 5pm that's cool as long as one of our counselors or coaches is with you.
Can we go to the Air-Dome everyday?
Yes at SGC we have exclusive access to the Air-Dome, Air-Bag, mulch-pit and Satellite dish drop to mulch pit - everyday from 3-5pm no one is allowed in the Air-dome when SGC campers are in there. All of the other camps only use it a few times during the week plus they have to ride when the general public is in there, which means long lines for the foam pit.
Can we go the front of the lift-line if the lines are long to board the chair lift?
Yes at SGC we have lift-line priority, which means when the lines are long it does not effect us. We are the only weeklong camp that operates in the bike park that has this perk.
What do I do if I run out of money?
SGC has no cash on hand but there is a Western Union just a few min walk from our hotel and you can have money sent there.
What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation up to 3 weeks prior to camp start - $250 fee
Cancellation inside of 3 weeks prior to camp start - $500 fee
Cancellation within a week of camp start – No Refund
Whistler Bike Park Air Zone.

What to Bring for the Week

We rent full suspension bikes. We do have free hardtails for you to use for the Air Dome and dirt jumps, but if you have your own hardtail/dj bike, you may want to bring it with you.
riding gear, pads, rain gear, warm clothing - mountain weather can change quickly.
Hydration packs
are highly recommended. It's important to stay hydrated throughout the day. It's also nice to have a place to carry your pads, sunscreen etc.
Full-face helmets
Swimsuit, sun block
It gets hot in Whistler!
Spending money
Snacks, souviniers, etc.


Can I stay in the same hotel room with my friend?
Yes, no problem let us know before the camp who you would like to room with and we will make sure you are rooming together.
Do you have secure storage for bikes?
Yes we have our own secure room that is just for the camp. No other guests from the hotel have access to it.
What hotel do campers stay at?

Tantalus Lodge

Located in Whistler Village, the Tantalus Lodge is our home base.
More about Tantalus Lodge here...

Are meals included?
Breakfast and lunch are served at 8:00am and 12:30 pm. In the evening, the group will split up and go to any one of 110 different restaurants. Dinner is not included in the camp cost. You can expect to pay around $20 per dinner. Dinner is included on the Friday evening wrap up party.
Crank It Up!


We are with the kids all day long with the exception of dinner.If campers want to eat with the coaches they can do that and we are more than happy to show them the numerous restaurants in Whistler village. The village is a two minute bike ride or five minute walk from our hotel.

For those campers under the age of 13 who are staying at the camp hotel there will always be a counselor or coach accompanying you for dinner.

Is there a curfew?
We operate a curfew at night for all campers under 19yrs old. Room check is at 10pm and lights out at 11pm. Our counselors and coaches stay in the same hotel as the campers. If any problems arise we are right there to help.

Off Hill Activities

After our day of riding is finished (5pm) we recommend relaxing back at the hotel pool. We do allow campers to session the dirt jumps after camp hours as long as one of our SGC staff is present.

Free activities: Hotel pool, skateboard park, basketball court, volleyball court, dirt jumps, movie night every Wednesday.

Additional activities: * wakeboarding, paintball, driving range
* Extra cost for these activities.


At SGC we work with all levels of riders. If you can ride a mountain bike, we want you here!

Have mountain biked off road on flat terrain. Can ride single track, but has had very little downhill riding experience. No jumping experience at all.
Confident on most single track. Have ridden downhill a little bit. Still cautious with speed and the more challenging steeper terrain. Have very little jumping experience.
Is confident riding on technical terrain with rocks, roots, logs, drops in most conditions. Have spent some time in the air jumping. Ready to turn it up a notch and learn how to go faster, ride steep terrain, take bigger air, and learn some cool tricks.
Rides very aggressively and is comfortable biking over anything; logs, rocks, roots, steps, and drops at most speeds. Very physically fit. Likes to take air and do tricks. Looking to refine your riding and learn more tricks from the masters.
SGC Camper A-Line Train.


Select Camp
Decide on what camp combination suits you. For example: Camp with non-shared accommodation, including bike and safety gear rental. Find out your level by using our ability guide.
Register Online OR call 1.866.218.9690.
Make Payment
Payment is taken at time of booking.
Send in Waivers
After receiving full payment and all the necessary forms & waivers, we will send a confirmation letter by mail upon request.
Make Travel Arrangements
If your arrival time is outside of our scheduled pick up at Vancouver International Airport, be sure to arrange alternate travel arrangements to Whistler Resort.