Our first priority at camp is your child's safety.

Each camper is assessed then put into appropriate groups based on their skill level. In the case of an accident, we have world-class bike park patrol that will immediately attend to the camper. The municipality of Whistler has its own hospital, the medical staff is world class and they are able to provide the best treatment possible in the case of an emergency. For international visitors, the hospital only accepts major credit cards and cash following a treatment, with the exception of Canadians covered by the Medical Service Plan. International visitors can apply for a reimbursement to their respective insurance companies to claim the cost of the treatment.


We are with the campers all day long, with the exception of dinner. If the campers are interested in eating with the coaches, they are more than happy to guide them to the numerous restaurants in Whistler village. The village is a two-minute bike ride or five-minute walk from our hotel.

We do allow kids between the ages of 10-12 to attend the camp, however they must stay with a parent, guardian, or family member while attending camp.


We implement a curfew at night for all campers under 19yrs of age. Room check is at 10pm and lights out is at 11pm. Our counselors and coaches stay in the same hotel as the campers. If any problems are to arise, we are right there to help.

The Aspens

The Aspens has 1 phone in every room, dishwasher, housekeeping, and laundry facilities. (There are even plenty of extra blankets and pillows)

*please note that due to insurance regulations, all campers staying in SGC rooms must have registered with SCG accommodation. No outside guests are allowed in SGC suites at any time.

SGC Pro coaches are positive rollmodels that safely teach youth to take their skills to the next level.

Drugs & Alcohol

We enforce a very strict drug and alcohol policy and have no tolerance for any infractions. If any camper is found with drugs or alcohol, their parents will be notified and they will be sent home immediately at their expense.